Wednesday, 15 August 2012

New releases: Essential Warlock volume 1

Just a quick update post to note that this week sees the release of Essential Warlock volume 1 (at least via Diamond distribution to comic shops; bookshops appear to be two weeks behind on trade paperbacks). Amongst other issues reprinted it includes Spider-Man’s guest appearance in Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, which has also been reprinted in Essential Marvel Two-in-One volume 2, and also from the regular Spider-Man issues Marvel Team-Up #55 which was reprinted in Essential Marvel Team-Up volume 3.

Since both the Spider-Man appearances have already been covered in previous posts, I won’t be looking at them again (though I’ll add the cover where appropriate). Warlock is one of the more unusual series of its era (the mid 1970s) and is very, very different from the contemporary Spider-Man stories, offering a highly philosophical cosmic adventure. It appeals to some but not others. I’m most definitely amongst the some.

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