Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Spider-Man at Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone!

For those wondering, there haven't been many specifically Christmassy issues of the Spider-Man titles that I've so far come across. I've seen just two - Marvel Team-Up #1 in which Spider-Man and the Human Torch fight the Sandman one Christmas Eve, with the villain wishing to visit his mother; and Spectacular Spider-Man #113 in which Spider-Man fights a burglar disguised as Santa Claus, with a little help from the real thing!

There are probably other Christmas issues from the later years which I haven't yet reached, but there have also been some other interesting moments. For several years cartoonist Fred Hembeck drew a series of strips entitled "Petey, The Adventures of Peter Parker Long Before He Became Spider-Man!!" which appeared in a variety of different Marvel publications. Hembeck has put scans of all the strips up on his website and there's one, entitled "Claus Encounter", set at Christmas. Here's a brief extract:

The resolution to the mystery takes on a whole new angle in the light of more recent developments in the Marvel universe...

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