Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Marvel Pocket Books from Panini - The forgotten reprints

Due to the popularity of this post I have opted to expand it into a full page with many more images. You can find it at: Marvel Pocket Books from Panini


  1. Absolutely love these Panini digests; the Avengers and Iron Man volumes in particular are a great way to get things like the Korvac saga and "Demon in a Bottle" storyline in full color for very little money.
    I agree with you about how poorly Panini promotes these, and it's generally hard to figure out what they'll be publishing next (I'm a bit miffed that after publishing "Nights of Wundagore," it seems like they've stopped doing Avengers books). I also agree that the lack of the Ditko years on Spidey is a glaring omission.

  2. Roger Stern needs to be represented in these. His Spidey work is what got me into comics.

    1. I agree though given their sequential approach they have to get through Marv Wolfman and Denny O'Neil first. If it's any consolation there's a good Captain America pocketbook entitled "Blood on the Moors" which reprints Cap #247-255 written by Stern and drawn by John Byrne.

  3. Utterly infuriating. They print 1-5 of Silver Surfer and then no more (ie. issues 6-9 to complete it). They print some randon FF and then stop. They print an even more random Captain America and then nothing. Going by the multitude of forums on the subject, there must be a market out there.
    I'd love to see a lot more Buscema FF, The Defenders, Gene Colan Daredevil, some more Iron Man, Buscema Avengers and a decent run of Incredible Hulk.

  4. I have ordered a few... can anyone say if these are in color or black n white?


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