Wednesday, 22 January 2014

More Marvel Omnibuses

It's been six months since my brief look at the Marvel Omnibus editions. Since then some more have been published and others are forthcoming so here's a quick rundown of the latest ones to contain Spider-Man issues.

Spider-Man title specific Omnibuses

Spider-Man by Roger Stern

Contains: Spectacular Spider-Man #43-61 & #85, Amazing Spider-Man #206, #224-252 & Annual #16-17 and material from Amazing Spider-Man Annual #15, Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #3, Web of Spider-Man Annual #3 and What If...? #34

One of the most eventful periods in Spider-Man's life with one of the most popular writers, this volume brings together Roger Stern's runs from both Spectacular Spider-Man (collected in Essential Spectacular Spider-Man volume 2 and volume 3) and Amazing Spider-Man (most collected in Essential Spider-Man volume 10 and volume 11) plus a few other bits and pieces (also found in Essential Spider-Man volume 9, Essential Web of Spider-Man volume 2 and What If...? Classic volume 6).


Infinity Gauntlet

(The cover is yet to come so in the meantime here's the cover from the issue this post is most interested in.)

Contains (Spider-Man issues): Spider-Man #17

Also contains: Silver Surfer (volume 3) #34-38, #40 & #44-60, Thanos Quest #1-2, Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, Cloak & Dagger #18, Incredible Hulk #383-385, Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #31-36, Quasar #26-27 and Sleepwalker #7

Infinity Gauntlet was a major crossover from the summer of 1991 (right at the time I first discovered original US comics rather their reprints), building upon events in the Silver Surfer's series and taking in many others. The "Adjectiveless" Spider-Man series was caught up in the main action.

Guest appearances in the Spider-Man titles

Deadpool by Joe Kelly

Contains (Spider-Man issues): Amazing Spider-Man #47 & #611

Also contains: Deadpool #1-33, #-1 & #0, Daredevil/Deadpool Annual 1997, Deadpool/Death Annual 1998, Baby's First Deadpool Book, and material from Deadpool #900

Deadpool was the surprise breakout star character of the 1990s. His first ongoing solo series caught the South Park wave of comically violent satire and sent up many of the existing superhero conventions. One of the best remembered issues was #11, in which Deadpool time travelled and wound up in the events of Amazing Spider-Man #47 with hilarious consequences; the original issue was also reprinted. Joe Kelly later had a stint on Amazing Spider-Man as one of several rotating writers; in one issue he guest starred the Merc with a Mouth.

Iron Man by Kurt Busiek and Sean Chen

Contains (Spider-Man issues): Peter Parker, Spider-Man (volume 2) #11

Also contains: Iron Man (volume 3) #1-25, Captain America (volume 3) #8, Quicksilver #10, Avengers (volume 3) #7, Iron Man/Captain America Annual 1998, Fantastic Four (volume 3) #15, Iron Man Annual 1999, Thor (volume 2) #17, Juggernaut: The Eighth Day and Iron Man: The Iron Age #1-2

This collects the early part of Iron Man's 1997 relaunch as part of Heroes Return. It includes the crossover "The Eighth Day" which also ran in Peter Parker, Spider-Man and Thor, both of which had also recently had their numbering reset.

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