Thursday, 29 January 2015

Inferno - the crossovers

Time for a quick guide to a significant crossover event that isn't fully collected in the Essentials. It has, however, appeared in two collected hardcover editions that are Omnibuses in all but name.

Inferno was published in the autumn of 1988 and was focused on the X-family of titles, including the limited series X-Terminators, but spread out into almost every other Marvel title based in and around New York as demons ran rampant in the city which was steadily magically transformed into a nightmare.

The collected editions are structured around the core and extended parts of the storyline so I've once again turned to The (Almost) Complete Marvel Crossover Guide for an order. Note that not every issue carries the "Inferno" banner and I've included some of the build-up as well:
X-Factor Annual #4 includes a back-up strip where two government agents investigate what happened; it is reprinted in Essential X-Factor volume 4.

As you'll see this is a lot of issues. After three years of ever larger crossovers growing out of the X-Men titles someone realised this couldn't go on indefinitely.

So the following year instead saw an even larger crossover growing out of the Avengers titles.

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