Thursday, 14 May 2015

A few Iron Man previews

As is becoming a standard, whenever I complete a full set of Essential volumes for any particular series and character I take a look at any later issues reprinted in other volumes. For Iron Man there are two issues, by coincidence the very next two in order.

Iron Man #88 & #89 written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by George Tuska, reprinted in Essential Daredevil volume 6

These two issues see Iron Man battling with the Blood Brothers as they rampage through New York for reasons that will be disclosed in later issues, with Daredevil caught up in the action in the second issue when the fight blocks his route to the airport to catch a plane to the west coast and a crossover with Ghost Rider. By and large this is an Iron Man story with Daredevil firmly a guest star, to the point I question why it's even included in this volume, and it's mainly an action piece. There are some ongoing subplots continued such as Michael O'Brien's investigations and Roxanne Gilbert's actions, whilst Pepper Hogan has taken the decision to resign and move away with her sick husband, worried that if they stay he will again become Iron Man, a monster or worse.

It's unusual to see the very next issues after the end of the main Essential run but these show yet another writer taking on the series as Archie Goodwin returns once more, and some good moving forward of storylines that could potentially sink into a right mess or just be forgotten amidst the high turnover of writer. These two issues are a solid mix of fast action and ongoing developments.

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