Thursday, 7 May 2015

A single Captain America preview

As is becoming a standard, whenever I complete a full set of Essential volumes for any particular series and character I take a look at any later issues reprinted in other volumes. For Captain America there is just one such issue.

Captain America #268 written by J.M. DeMatteis and drawn by Mike Zeck, reprinted in Essential Defenders volume 5

This is the middle part of a crossover with Defenders that sees Captain America drawn into the team's struggle with August Masters of a shady organisation that works with psychics and is try to start a world war. The Defenders have been captured and Steve gets a psychic jolt after a date with Bernie ends badly. He investigates as Captain America, recognising the telepath, and infiltrates the complex, only to get captured.

Reading this issue in isolation shows how confusing this can often be since, as is so often the case with later issues reprinted elsewhere, it's part of a wider crossover. Although there are some elements drawn from earlier Captain America stories it really could have been told completely in the pages of Defenders, a title that was hardly unknown for heroes guesting for an adventure or two and it would probably make more sense than intruding upon another series. There are, however, some nice scenes of Steve and Bernie that show how his old fashioned outlook persists and how he is just clueless at realising how each feels for the other. But overall this issue on its own is forgettable.

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