Sunday, 21 April 2013

The least popular posts

Another little aside, this time to look at this blog itself.

In the column to the right you can see which are the most popular posts on this blog, both in the past month and since it was created. But what about the other end of the scale? Which are the least read posts?

Invariably such a list will be dominated by both recent posts and by creator labels. So for this list I'm not going to rank any post from the last two months or which are labels. And so the list of the 10 least read posts to date is:

10. (Joint) Essential Ant-Man volume 1
10. (Joint) Spider-Man at Christmas
9. Essential Daredevil volume 2
8. Omitted material: Marvel Team-Up 74
7. Into the spin-offs
6. Introduction
4. (Joint) Omitted material: What If? Classic volume 2
4. (Joint) Omitted material: What If?
3. Peter David
2. Fini – for now
1. Some other heroes

And for those wondering, the 10 least read excluded posts are:

10. Essential Defenders volume 1
9. Team Titles
8. Essential Ghost Rider volume 1 - creator labels
7. Essential Silver Surfer volume 1
6. Omitted material: What If? Classic volume 6
5. Carmine Infantino (1925-2013)
4. Essential Marvel Team-Up volume 4 - creator labels
3. Essential Killraven volume 1 - creator labels
2. Essential X-Factor volume 1
1. Essential X-Factor volume 1 - creator labels

Of course with some people reading either on the front page or by having the latest posts emailed to them these figures can't cover total readership. Nevertheless they're compiled on the same basis as the displays at the side.

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